Defining Your Brand

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Logos: The Beginning of Branding

Most businesses have a name, so the next step we encourage business owners to make is having a logo made that represents your brand.

It’s critical to have a name and logo that identify your business alone. Your logo will be used on most marketing communications, your website, social media outlets, and more.

The creative team at Sales Recipe is experienced in logo design, and will make sure that it isn’t just beautiful, but that it will help to build your brand’s identity.

How to Design the Right Way

Logos are certainly important, but these are not the only pieces needed to design your brand. A common mistake local businesses make is buying a logo and simply slapping it on all of their work.

Branding is about having a consistent message whether it’s in the words we use, the look we produce, or the actions we take.

Using a defined look including color palette, typography, word choice, and more will provide your customers an experience that can be repeated again and again.

Let us help you design a brand that strengthens the relationship between your business and your customers.

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Brand Guidelines and Behavior

The importance of how your brand looks cannot be understated. A common misconception is that branding is simply about the looks, when in reality it is a complex confluence of factors that can seem tricky to navigate.

During our strategy sessions, we will help your brand adopt an identity and develop guidelines on how to act in accordance with the other branding elements.

We might recommend for example, we recommend that luxury products hold very limited sales as to maintain their brand image, or how philanthropic work should relate directly to your brand.

Our goal is to create a personality for your brand that you, your employees, and your customers will understand and enjoy.