Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the combination of communications messages across all digital and online mediums. This includes paid advertising, social media management, and direct response campaigns.

Each digital marketing campaign we design is unique and based on a number of factors including your business and product type, target audience, goals for the campaign, and more.

Let us help you build a digital marketing campaign based on your budget.

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Direct Response Marketing

Direct response campaigns most commonly appear in the form of email campaigns. These messages will rely heavily on a direct call-to-action from previous leads.

We highly recommend building an email list for your business because it is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to drive sales.

In addition to being cost effective, email campaigns are highly trackable and can test multiple versions of one message to find out what resonates with your customers.

We can not only build your website to capture emails and generate leads, but we can also perform your email marketing with creative copywriting that drives customers to act.

Traditional Advertising

“Traditional Advertising” is a term used to describe non-digital advertising including TV commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, and others.

While we are experienced with traditional advertising, we generally recommend a limited traditional advertising budget for most small businesses for several reasons:

  1. Traditional advertising is generally more costly than its digital counterpart
  2. Precise measurement is a key focus of digital advertising, while traditional advertising is usually estimate-based.
  3. In recent years, traditional advertising mediums like newspapers and cable TV have declined in users, and continue to decline every day.
  4. The growing reliance of social networking sites has opened new digital marketing avenues.

The best way to find out if traditional advertising would be right for your business is to have a strategy session with our team to plan the most effective ways to grow your business.

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